The Story

Take control of a team of highly trained fighter pilots, and experience an epic story in the deep sea world of Aqua.

Send your enemies down to Davy Jones' Locker with well-aimed torpedoes, shrapnel blasts, mines, and more in a journey that takes you across the world's oceans and into the deepest trenches of our Earth.


  • The deep sea, unexplored, mysterious, hazardous
  • Humankind has been forced to live under dire circumstances, far from the surface world they grew used to. And yet, they are still faced with the most basic of human problems
  • A multi-layered ecosystem, in which the political and economical balance of power is ever-shifting; the struggle for survival does not grant the luxury of simple categories like good or bad
  • A dystopian vision of our Earth and oceans

In short, a world worth exploring.


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